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If B.A.P had Youtube accounts

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telling someone you’ve just met you like kpop is like telling someone on a blind date you have 3 kids

900505; Happy 24/25th Birthday Song Jieun!

"Because I had to lose weight I used to starve a lot, but now I just eat when I want to. I couldn’t fulfill my schedule properly when my health got bad. I wouldn’t have any energy so I couldn’t smile properly and not be powerful on stage which would make it meaningless for me to even be a singer."

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Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn (May 4th, 1929 – January 20th, 1993) 

"I couldn’t quite fathom that she was real. There were so many paradoxes in that face. Darkness and purity; depth and youth; stillness and animation. She had a fresh new look, a beauty that was ethereal." - Anthony Beauchamp

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MinWoo requested by henliilau


MinWoo requested by henliilau


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Summer, winter, spring and fall. Time goes so fast — yet why I am at the same place?

Waiting for you?

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Baby Zelo’s faces!

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  • Q: A trip in order to please each other. Where would you go?
  • Himchan: America
  • Yongguk: Rwanda or South Africa. I'd like to do some volunteer work with Himchan. This way he'll eat less, and probably reduce the amount of waste too.
  • cr. seekingparis

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Jae please.

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my friend just told me jongup said to the audience “do you wanna” and the crowd answered ‘build a snowman” and he said “to see my sixpack”


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do not edit/remove logo (AtoZ)

do not edit/remove logo (AtoZ)

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