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Baby Zelo’s faces!

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  • Q: A trip in order to please each other. Where would you go?
  • Himchan: America
  • Yongguk: Rwanda or South Africa. I'd like to do some volunteer work with Himchan. This way he'll eat less, and probably reduce the amount of waste too.
  • cr. seekingparis

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Jae please.

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my friend just told me jongup said to the audience “do you wanna” and the crowd answered ‘build a snowman” and he said “to see my sixpack”


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do not edit/remove logo (AtoZ)

do not edit/remove logo (AtoZ)

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Dance like no one is watching. Dance like Kim Himchan.

And here we observe a pair of Dumb Rappers executing  successive groups of rhythmic steps and bodily motions without music. Experts are unsure if this is a mating ritual or simply a form of communication.

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- Nana Instagram Update

look like they really love their job XD


i want to fuck the winter soldier but i also want to cook for him and bring him flowers and make sure he’s emotionally and mentally stable

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but can we talk about how steve’s best girl is peggy carter why aren’t we talking about this

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Well, I couldn’t leave my best girl. Not when she owes me a dance.

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